By — In  Facebook Live Posted  June 1, 2018

By — In  Facebook Live Posted  June 1, 2018

Every year, throughout my whole marketing career, someone has been claiming something is KING and something else is DEAD.

💀 SEO is dead.
💀 Email is dead.
💀 Facebook is dead.
💀 Content marketing is dead.
💀 Marketing is dead.

Holy hashtags, that’s a lot of D-E-A-D.

Sure, platforms change over time. But when it comes to the internet, is anything every really dead? I mean, MySpace is still here – ha!

These sensationalistic headlines often claim that the dead thing is being replaced by something else that’s pretty much the same. Like: Content marketing is dead, it’s all about storytelling.
WTAF! Ain’t content marketing all about storytelling anyway? Ergh. I’m dead 😂

Anyway, in my *humble* opinion everything is alive and kicking, and it’s all about choosing the right platform for your business strategy.

So, in this Friday Facebook Live I talk about a few things that are apparently D-E-A-D, and why I think they’re not DEAD. #controversial