Content marketing plan

Are you a startup in need of clarity around what marketing activity you should be doing? Our custom content marketing plans are designed to give you a detailed customer journey, a topline view of your marketing activity for 12 months, along with detailed channel activity mapped out for three months.

Need a 12-month marketing plan?

Content marketing is completely free which makes it the perfect starting place for most new brands. But if you’ve got no clarity on the customer journey to purchase and no clear strategy for your marketing activity, you’re just going to be making a lot of noise without cut through. Our custom content marketing plans empower you to run your own marketing successfully.

This service offers a unique solution that sees us develop the overarching strategy for a year, then break down the detail of the next three months so you know exactly who you’re taking to, how you’re talking to them, and what content marketing activity to publish and when.

Investment: from $1,000 + GST

Ready to book in your custom content marketing plan?

What’s included?

01. Deep dive

Once you’ve booked and paid, we tee up a one-hour video conference where we dive into your objectives, mission, purpose, and values . This allows us to get a clear idea of what you’re seeking to gain from engaging in content marketing, and how we can best formulate an effective content marketing plan to achieve your goals.

02. Research

Here, we research your target audience. This means figuring out where they spend the most time online, and subsequently where we should be implementing your marketing campaigns. Then, we determine their pain points and needs to create relevant marketing messages and activity.

03. Content plan

We’ll create a cohesive and clear 12-month content marketing plan for your business. We map out the topline plan of when marketing campaigns will occur including detailed activity schedule for the next three-months. Why only three months? Because things change fast — so you want a 12-month topline plan broken down into detail each quarter.

04. DIY time

Our custom content marketing plans are designed for you (or your team) to implement over the next 12 months. We map out the activity detail for the first quarter supported with a customer journey map, and checklists for each of the marketing channels. All wrapped up in a neat workbook.