Digital advertising set-up

Step away from the boost button. It’s time to start running your Facebook and Instagram ads for success with our set-up and coaching package. Yup. We’ll get the foundations right for you, run your campaigns for two weeks, then teach you how to manage and optimise in two one-hour video coaching sessions.

Facebook and Instagram ads, sorted

Have you signed-up for a bunch of training courses that you’ve never even started? Or attended a workshop or class and left feeling inspired only to get home and lose your marketing mojo? Or even wanted to outsource your marketing but not quite had the budget? We’ve got just what you need.

If so, you might benefit from our Facebook and Instagram advertising set-up and coaching service—a unique offering that sees us develop the strategy for your digital advertising, then set it up according to best practice, then handover to you to implement going forward.

Investment: from $1,500 + GST

Ready to book in your custom Facebook and Instagram ads set-up and training package with the #CleverFolkers?

What’s included?

01. Strategy

Once you’ve booked and paid, we’ll send you a questionnaire to complete and instructions on how to let us into your account. This allows us to get a clear idea of what you’re seeking to gain from engaging in Facebook and Instagram advertising, and how we can best formulate an effective digital advertising strategy to achieve your goals.

02. Audiences

Here, we research your target audience. We’ll be researching, analysing, and building audiences within your Facebook Business Manager account so you can access them whenever you need to — everything is all set-up with precision targeting.

03. Campaign set-up

Once we’ve got the audiences locked down, we’ll get busy building out your campaigns with advanced Facebook and Instagram advertising funnels that take us from brand awareness, through to consideration, and conversion. We’ll build all the ads, too (we just need you to supply the imagery and video to use).


04. Coaching

With the campaigns in place, the next step is to take you through the set-up in our first video coaching call. Once that’s done, we’ll set the ads live and manage and optimise your campaigns for two weeks. Then, we’ll jump on our second one-hour coaching call and take you through the optimisation process. Voila! You’re ready to start running your own advertising campaigns with confidence.