Marketing mentoring

You’ve got a great idea and maybe even a spiffy logo and website. But with almost half of new companies failing in the first five years, it’s clear that having a good idea isn’t enough to keep you in business. You need customers. But where do you start? And what if you don’t have loads of money for advertising? Content marketing is the solution.

10-week marketing mentoring program

Content marketing is completely free which makes it the perfect starting place for most burgeoning brands. But if you’ve got no clarity on the customer journey to purchase and no clear strategy for your marketing activity, you’re just going to be making a lot of noise without cut through.

Our 10-week marketing mentoring program empowers you to run your own marketing successfully. And the best bit? You don’t even need to have an advertising budget to create a successful multi-channel content marketing program that can build reach and awareness, drive sales and propel growth.

Join our 10-week marketing mentoring program and you’ll be guided through the big picture thinking and nitty gritty details of content marketing with our founder Erin Morris — an award-winning marketing strategist with more than 10 years experience.

With live weekly mentoring sessions that alternate between theory and practical, you’ll come out of the program with a 12-month marketing plan and the know-how to implement it yourself.

Investment: $1,999 + GST (launch pricing, limited time only).

Let’s create a content marketing game plan that will set you up for success and sustainable business growth. Make sure your name is on the list because our first mentoring session is kicking off in late September.

What’s included?

1 x one-to-one strategy session

We’ll kick things off with a 60-minute one-to-one strategy session tailored to your business. Held via video call (or in our offices if you’re local) we’ll dive in deep to uncover your brand’s unique positioning, identify your target market, set goals and objectives, and begin to formulate key messages and content pillars. We’ll pull this into a marketing strategy document that will become your bible for the program (and marketing your business going forward).

5 x live online masterclasses

Our live online masterclasses are delivered via video conference (so you don’t need to live near our little slice of paradise — the Mornington Peninsula). Each session lasts for around 90 minutes and covers a different aspect of content marketing (with homework to follow). Masterclass sessions are all about the strategy and theory. Topics include: marketing strategy, social media, blogging, and email marketing.

5 x online group coaching sessions

In the week after each masterclass, we’ll get together for online group coaching. Switching from theory to practical, we’ll workshop ideas, strategise as a collective, answer questions and walk through our homework. Put simply, if we have a social media masterclass one week, in the week following we’ll be diving in deep on the practical. 

Marketing templates & workbooks

No mentoring program would be complete without homework, right? You’ll be fully supported across the 10-week program with our step-by-step content marketing workbooks that match up to the course curriculum perfectly. And you’ll be able to tap into the collective genius of the cohort and our team in our private Facebook group.

Learning modules

Week one: marketing strategy master class
Before you start implementing your marketing, you need a solid (and strategic plan). So we’ll kick things off in week one by working through the marketing strategy framework we use on our business and for our clients. 

Week two: marketing strategy practical
We’ll regroup to review your 12-month marketing plans and workshop ideas for campaigns and activity that align with your mission and values and make sense in terms of audience and seasonality. By the end of this week, you’re armed with a 12-month plan.

Week three: social media strategy master class
Social media is free, accessible, and provides a direct one-to-many and one-to-one line of communication with your customers. Plus its pretty fun. In this master class, we’ll work through social media strategy for Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and TikTok.

Week four: social media practical
In our social media practical, we’ll review your homework and workshop how to leverage social media channels to deliver on your marketing plan. We’ll dive deep into content ideas and share our very best social media hacks for driving reach, engagement, and conversion.

Week five: blogging strategy
Bet you’ve heard that ‘blogging is great for SEO’, right? But it’s not enough to just throw some articles on your blog. You need to know what keywords your audience are searching and how to optimise for search engines. And you betchya we’ll be covering all this in this week’s master class. The best bit? All these blogs will become part of your social and email marketing content publishing schedule, too.

Week six: blogging practical
We’ll review your homework (yes, you’ll be writing blogs this week) and work through practical tips and tricks for finding content ideas that your audience will love and search engines will rank as well as out methodology for writing and optimising blog content.

Week seven: email marketing strategy
Don’t forget about email folks, it’s still an incredibly powerful marketing channel. In this module, we’ll work through email marketing strategy for both automated and broadcast emails. You’ll walk away with a framework for developing your own email marketing strategy and the confidence to measure and optimise your email marketing efforts.

Week eight: email marketing practical
This week, we’ll be reviewing your email marketing strategies and workshopping ideas for email templates and content. And we’ll be looking at how to leverage social media content, user generated content, reviews, and blog content to build out a compelling email marketing program for your brand.

Week nine: marketing measurement master class
You can’t improve what you don’t measure, right? So in this master class we’ll be working through our marketing analysis framework – aka: how to measure the effectiveness of your marketing so you can improve it.

Week ten: marketing measurement practical
Now you know all the theory, you have a marketing strategy in place with implementation is *already* happening, and you’ve got the analytical know-how … so it’s time to measure your efforts and look for opportunities to refine and optimise your activity and strategy. And since this is our last session, we’ll also have a neat wrap up of the course and answer any final burning questions.

Frequently asked questions

When does it start? We’re kicking it off in April (dates comin’ atcha soon)! Apply now to be put on the waitlist – and we’ll be in contact with more details.

How many people are in the program? We’ll have a maximum of 20 people in the program. We want to ensure everyone gets ample access to support during the mentoring program so we’ve included private one-to-one sessions, and we’ll break down into smaller groups for the practical session so you’ll have plenty of time to ask questions and workshop ideas for your brand.

How much does it cost? Our 10-week marketing mentoring program requires an investment of $1999 plus GST. That’s $199 a week for expert marketing support.

Are payment plans available? Yes, you can pay $1999 plus GST up front, or four instalments of $549 + GST.

How is the program delivered? Live, bebe. Each week on Wednesday, we’ll jump on a live video call (no generic pre-recorded guff) so you can feel confident the content will be tailored to suit the needs of the group.


How much time do I need to set aside each week? You’ll need to allow a minimum of 60 minutes for the group coaching sessions each week, plus an additional three-to-five hours to lock-in your new-found knowledge with homework, revision and implementation.

Do you have other dates this year?
The next program starts April 2021.

Do you cover digital advertising? Nope. Our 10-week marketing mentoring program is all about content marketing. Aka: no advertising budgets required. We’ve seen first hand how a solid content marketing foundation can aid the performance of paid ads, so we think this is a great place to start. If you’re keen to dive into paid ads check out our digital advertising set-up and training option — it’s part outsource, part mentoring.

What industries is this program suitable for? With more than 10 years marketing experience garnered working agency-side, brand-side and in the media, Erin has extensive knowledge of a range of industries including travel and lifestyle, retail, fin-tech, food and wine, book and magazine publishing, health, fitness and wellness. We’ve leveraged this experience and tailored this program to be suitable to a wide range of industries. If you’re not sure, email us.