Content marketing

Content marketing is all about the soft sell and centres around creating and publishing high quality content. Typically, content marketing is used to build brand awareness, attract prospective customers and engage and nurture them on the journey to purchase. It’s all about building trust.

It’s heart on sleeve time

You’ve got the vision and a mission. They need to believe in it. And by ‘they’ we mean your target audience. Content marketing can tell your brand story, convey your purpose, connect with your target audience, and engage them deeply.

A successful content marketing strategy is designed for the long haul and speaks to the purpose and interests of the brand, its employees, community, and customers. It’s implemented over multiple channels connecting with the target audience wherever they consume media.

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Our approach

01. Discussion

Our team meets with you to discuss your business requirements in detail. We take time to understand your unique offering and the opportunity to build brand awareness, traffic, and loyalty prior to developing and implementing the content strategy.

02. Research and analysis

We conduct comprehensive audience research and competitor analysis to understand the content marketing landscape across all channels. Understanding the size of the opportunity and nature of the competition allows us to tailor your strategy according to what’s already working, and make adjustments to give you the advantage.

03. Strategy development

This kind of marketing strategy is all about connecting deeply with authentic, carefully crafted content (no cheesy listicles here). We tailor a strategy specifically to your brand and objectives. We’ll pick apart your story, put it back together, and propose content ideas designed to attract and engage with your ideal customer. Then, bring it all together with a delivery schedule across multiple channels.

04. Activation and reporting

No strategy is complete without reporting. We’ll measure the effectiveness of the content marketing individually across each channel and review the combined effect holistically. Armed with data, we’ll make necessary adjustments to the strategy and implementation to continually improve performance.


Questions to ask before hiring an SEO expert

Questions to ask before hiring an SEO expert

2020 was one wild ride. So as we embrace the magic of new beginnings that 2021 promises, we’re not pretending to know what’s to come. But we are setting some intentions for how we’re approaching business in the new year.