Ah, copywriting. The all important written content in your marketing collateral—from the homepage of your website and the lead magnets you know you need, to the case studies and weekly emails you’ve been wanting to send out. Copywriting is not everyone’s strong suit. Lucky it’s ours.

Facts tell, stories sell

While everyone communicates on the daily, not everyone communicates well. Our approach to copywriting is completely strategic and blends your goals with consumer psychology, and the right amount of artful storytelling sprinkled in there.

We think everyone should take copywriting as seriously as we do, because the copy in your marketing collateral can be the difference between someone choosing to engage with your brand, or giving up after the first sentence and never coming back.

Ready to get the word out there with copywriting? Get in touch with the #CleverFolkers.

Our approach

01. Initial meeting

We meet with you to discuss what kind of copy you need writing, the story you’d like to tell, and to determine your house style. Basically, we get to know your brand, and how we can best write copy that reflects your unique offering.

02. Writing the copy

After our initial consultation, we’ll write a draft of the proposed copy. Whether it’s a website blog or a newsletter, we’ll make sure the copy is on-point and reflects your brand values and objectives.

03. Review and publish

We’ll send you the copy to review and make any final adjustments. Then, you publish the content or we can do it for you.


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