Google ads

With over 90 percent of online experiences starting with search engines, if your brand is undiscoverable, you’re literally leaving money on the table. Google Ads allows your brand to rank at the top of Google Search results without delay (unlike SEO) and nurture the customer journey to purchase with display retargeting, video advertising, and product shopping ads. 

Cost-effective paid search

 Most people don’t have the time to scroll through what may feel like endless Google search results. Which means if your brand doesn’t rank for or take ownership of relevant keywords, terms and phrases, chances are potential customers won’t find you. And if they can’t find you, they can’t buy from you or support your mission.


There are 5.6 billion Google Searches per day, with 95.3 percent of clicks going to the top four results. With a carefully considered strategy and experienced campaign management, Google Ads can drive highly qualified traffic and leads to your website — ready to explore your offering and convert.

Ready to climb your way to the top with Google Search ads? Get in touch with the #CleverFolkers.

Our approach

01. Discussion

Our team meets with you to discuss your business requirements in detail. We take time to understand your unique offering and the opportunity to build brand awareness, increase traffic, and drive conversions prior to developing and implementing the Google Ads campaign strategy.

02. Research and analysis

We conduct comprehensive keyword research and competitor analysis to understand the search landscape for your brand. Considering the size of the opportunity and nature of the competition allows us to tailor your strategy to maximise traffic acquisition, drive qualified leads and increase conversions at an efficient cost-per-click.

03. Strategy development

We develop a comprehensive Google Ads strategy that’s tailored specifically to your brand and designed to deliver sustainable growth of high quality traffic. Put simply, we’re bringing you more of your target audience so you can convert more sales.

04. Management and reporting

Whether we implement your Google Ads strategy or hand over (with a detailed briefing) for your team to roll out, at the implementation phase it’s all about account structure, bid adjustment, search term analysis, and ad copy optimisation. And, of course, reporting to demonstrate the difference and growth all this Google Ads activity has made.


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