Marketing strategy

A well-considered marketing strategy brings your business plan to life by connecting your brand story and unique selling points with your target audience and the marketing and media landscape. Done well, it generates awareness, builds credibility, and develops trust. The result? An increase in website traffic, leads and conversions.

Capture, convince, convert

Getting a rock solid marketing strategy in place is the key to success when it comes to building sustainable growth for your brand. Yes, you can throw cash at advertising or PR stunts, but without a strategy in place, the result is kinda like a shooting star — it burns bright, and then disappears. 

That’s why we always start with strategy before implementing marketing campaigns. It’s all about figuring our who you are, what you’re trying to say, and who you’re saying it to. That, folks, is what builds brand awareness, incites consideration, and drives conversion.

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Our approach

01. Goals and objectives

Our team meets with you to discuss your business requirements in detail. We take time to understand your unique offering and the opportunity to achieve your strategic objectives and KPIs prior to developing the marketing and communications framework.

02. Values and story

Before creating a marketing strategy tailored to your brand or product, we begin to analyse what makes your brand unique. Who are you? What’s your mission and purpose? What are you trying to say? And who are you saying it to? 

03. Audience profiling

After familiarising ourselves with the heart and soul of your brand, we begin to research exactly who your target audience is. We examine their interests, what resonates with them in terms of storytelling, and the best channels for you to deliver your marketing messages.

04. Strategy development

With the research and analysis behind us, it’s time to dive into strategy development. This means stitching together your goals and objectives with your values and story and figuring out how to connect with your ideal customer in the channels they consume media. It’s as simple and as complicated as that.


Questions to ask before hiring an SEO expert

Questions to ask before hiring an SEO expert

2020 was one wild ride. So as we embrace the magic of new beginnings that 2021 promises, we’re not pretending to know what’s to come. But we are setting some intentions for how we’re approaching business in the new year.